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Student Sustainability Summit

Gear up for the April 2024 summit!

More info coming soon. Check out the 2023 Student Sustainability Summit for now!

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Sustainability For All

Student Sustainability Summit (S3) brings together students and professionals from across the country to showcase their work, connect with others in their areas of expertise, and discover life-changing sustainable solutions. This student-led event hosted by University of Maryland Student Government Sustainability Committee will serve as a platform where students from any background, location, and knowledge level have an equitable opportunity to learn about sustainability in various fields, including technology, science, education, policy, economics, architecture, agriculture, psychology, and more at no cost.

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Socialize and Collaborate

Looking to connect with sustainability experts in your field? Here you will have an opportunity to connect with the diverse amount of professionals and fellow students working in the field that you are currently working or aspire to work in.

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Strengthen your Sustainability Savviness

S3 will also provide you with a fun hands-on learning experience in addition to the presentations. Join these informative workshops and gain insights into various domains of sustainability.

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Search for Career Paths in Sustainability

Students can explore different career paths related to sustainability and get advice from professionals in the field.

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Thank you to our sponsors and collaborators!