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Student Sustainability Summit

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Student Sustainability Summit also known as S^3 originates from the need for a solely sustainability-focused conference that not just covers the environmental aspects of sustainability but also the social and economic aspects. This requires bringing together people from different backgrounds and fields of study and collecting their perspectives on sustainability issues. On top of it all, it is essential to truly provide “Sustainability for All” by removing any barriers that impede students’ access to education, especially on a crucial topic such as sustainability.

Our Goals (3Es)

  1. Encourage the future leaders in sustainability through equitable education.
  2. Establish a collaborative network of sustainability.
  3. Explore the expansive nature and interconnectedness of sustainability.
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Join the Team

We are looking for students to help with making this event a success. You can help with planning, outreach, moderation, speaker recruitment, website development, and more! If you are interested in becoming a volunteer, email studentsustainabilitysummit@gmail.com .

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Join us in-person or virtually (or both). We can't wait to see you there!